Online Training

POVEY Custom Online

$180 per week (8 Weeks Minimum Training)

  • Personally managed and customised online coaching
  • Progressed and tracked to suit your goals
  • Customised to suit your competition schedule
  • Tailored to suit your available equipment
  • Full Access to POVEY Education
  • Access to all speciality training programs
Each Week Includes:
  1. Coaching feedback on your lifts through video submission
  2. Access to Coaches for Q&A

Online Membership

Choose a training program to suit your goals
Our speciality training programs include:
  • Strongman & Strongwoman
  • Strength for Sport
  • Strength
  • Body Composition
  • Isolation & Body Weight Training
  • Full access to our POVEY Education
  • Access to all other specialty training programs 
  • Access to all our educational videos

Online Consulting


  • Virtual video/face-time consultations in either:  15min, 30min or 60min blocks of time.

  • Used for real-time 1:1 coaching during your training session.

  • Used for real-time 1:1 coaching during a section of your session. 

  • Used for sit down consultations.

  • 1:1 coaching rates apply.

  • Contact us to book in a time.

What is POVEY Education?

  • Online video content from our coaches.

  • In-depth demonstrations on exercise technique for strength development.

  • Tips and strategies for performance.

  • Educational videos covering exercise technique, injury prevention exercises, activation exercises, and more.

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